Yes  LbNA # 17044

Placed DateJun 28 2005
CountyClear Creek
LocationEmpire, CO
Found By Grace to You
Last Found May 22 2016
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A letterbox by Aljan.
Created to celebrate 10 years with the man that I love.

I have noticed the Jenny's hours seem to be a bit random lately, a phone call before you trek all the way there to make sure they're open might be a good idea. Their number is 303 569 2570. ~Aljan
"Hey, do you want to go to Jenny's?", he asked.

"You bet! I love that place", I replied.

We lived in Clear Creek county at the time and Jenny's was always a favorite place of ours to eat. Its bright yellow and red facade is so cheery! Spirits and Vittles? You aren't kidding! If you leave this place hungry, it is no one's fault but yours!

We went inside and sat at a small table in the second room that blocks a door. You don't have to sit there but it is a nice little spot, if you ask me. The walls at Jenny's are covered with all kinds of things. Pots and pans, old tunes, photos by locals and random other stuff. There is a huge display cabinet on the inside wall in that second room that is filled and piled with brick a brack and knick knacks. I have a fondness for old tins and I spied a nice one on top of the display cabinet. A handsome, tall rectangular one that advertised something "Premium". Well, we'll see about that. I took it down and was surprised to find that the tin had something inside.

After eating most of an insanely huge burrito I almost laughed when my boyfriend asked if I wanted a strawberry shortcake.

"No way", I said, "I'm stuffed. There is no way I'm going to tackle a shortcake today."

You have to understand what an undertaking a strawberry shortcake from Jenny's is. It's one of those things that you have to stare at, not flinching, not blinking, until it is convinced that you are not intimidated. They are huge! A ginat mountain of berry, whipped cream, buscuit yumminess that is not to be trifled with.

"Oh come on!", he said.

"I'm serious, I can't eat anything else. If I do you'll have to load me up in a wheelbarrow and cart me out of here".

"You sure?", he asked again.

"Yeah, I'm sure".

"I'll share one with you", he offered.

"Well... OK then. If you are going to twist my arm and MAKE me eat one".

We had a friend that worked at Jenny's at the time. In fact, he still does, tell Rich that we say hi! He brought us this mountain of a shortcake, dropped it at the table and practically ran. That's weird, I thought, Rich is kinda high strung but he is off the charts today. Come to think of it, my boyfriend is acting kinda weird too... whatever. Oh my! But this shortcake is the BEST!

Bite after bite and the thing didn't seem to be getting any smaller. I dug my fork in and was surprised when it bit into something that was decidedly not as light and fluffy as the rest.

"Rich! Hey! There is something in my food!"

Rich was hiding, nowhere to be found.

Shrug from my man.

A bit of excavation unveiled a box wrapped in a giant ball of plastic wrap.

Inside that box was a beautiful, sparkling ring and a question. And I said...
The fine folks at Jenny's know that this box is there. If you have places to go and people to see I am sure that the fine folks at Jenny's wouldn't mind if you came in, stamped in and then went on your way BUT I highly recommend that you make this a stop off for some breakfast, lunch, dinner... maybe just a strawberry shortcake. It is very unique place and the food is outstanding. Ask me and I will tell you to start off with one of their amazing burgers (mmmm... on a dark pumpernickle bun) with fries.

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