Doc Smith's Cigar  LbNA # 17054

Placed DateAug 2 2005
LocationVicksburg, MS
Found ByAlabama Mardi Gras Clowns
Last UpdateJun 8 2013


Doc Smithís Cigar
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Easy

Early 20th century, Vicksburg, MS, the steam locomotive, the steamboat and the horse were still the main means of transportation. In those days veterinarians were a vital part of any townís life. To this end a young lad by the name of George Smith attached his dreams. He studied in Chicago and upon receiving his degree the young Dr. Smith returned to Vicksburg to practice. Doc went on to become a well respected, loved and most colorful small town character. Doc was a lifelong member of St. Paulís Catholic Church and at least in the 1950ís and 60ís he had the habit of enjoying his cigar until the last minute before Mass when he would knock the fire off of it and stash it at the old post office building across the street.

As you follow the directions below and are seated to find the letterbox, look directly across the street and view Docís hiding place behind the finial block of the stone balustrade of the steps directly in front of you.

To find the letterbox, first locate St. Paulís Catholic Church at the corner of Walnut and Crawford Street in Vicksburg. On Crawford Street there are several parking places facing the church. One is marked ďPastorĒ. Slightly to the left of that parking spot is a short concrete stairway. Go up this stairway and sit at the top of the left side of the steps. The letterbox is hidden in the base of the shrubbery directly to your left.

As always, take appropriate precautions when searching for a letterbox. Thank you in advance for being discreet and rehiding well.