Magritte: The Therapeutist  LbNA # 17072 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 3 2005
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Planted ByPaul in SF    
Found By Rambling Rey
Last Found May 28 2007
Hike Distance?

You're a letterboxer. You sneak around, avoiding the public's attention. You don't use your real name. You have a fetish for Rubbermaid products. You play with pink stuff and sharp objects. One minute you're Dirty Harry, the next minute you're Nancy Drew. You exhibit obsessive-compulsive behavior, and your head throbs from pondering cryptic instructions.

You need help. Seek the Therapeutist.

I'm not so sure, though, that Magritte, the surrealist painter's "Therapeutist" will cure you. Face it. You're beyond help. But maybe this surreal letterbox will make reality seem closer to the reality that non-letterboxers experience.

No appointment is necessary. Drop-ins are welcome.

From the east: Head up Clarendon Street, as if you were going to Twin Peaks, but continue past the left turn for the peaks. Look for Johnstone on your right. Turn right. This is the land of speed bumps, so go slow, or bump that throbbing head. (From the west, take a left onto Johnstone from Clarendon).

You're going to a Medical Center, so take the right at the sign that says "Medical Center".

What happened to the city? It vanished.
Where are you?
What are you doing here?
Ah, yes... the Therapeutist's office is on this road -- go slow.

Watch for a sign that says, "Surge Parking". The Therapeutist is at the base of that sign under ivy.

Your appointment will only take a moment, so pull into Surge Parking. Park your Surge, then walk back up the hill to get the box & bring it back to your Surge to stamp in. It says "Authorized Parking Only", but it's quiet here, generally no one's around, and you don't need to really park, just stop and stamp. Besides, you're here for treatment.

Feel better now? Of course you do.

Paul in SF