Mizz Happy  LbNA # 17090

Placed DateAug 3 2005
LocationGrayson, GA
Planted Byhawkeye    
Found By bebo bear
Last Found Apr 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Tribble Mill Park

Go into the park. Pull offf in the grassy pull-off area across the bridge. Find the little path leading into the woods. Follow it in and stay to your right. (Don't go towards th ebig rock) Continue across the huge granite slab. Go straight ahead until you find the path on the other end of the slab. Continue on the granite path, through a mud puddle and down the hill. Soon you will see a footbridge on you right. Don't cross the bridge. Follow the trail on beside the lake. Go left at the big rock and immediately left again, across another big rock and up a very rooty and rough hill. Go on across another huge slab of granite until it dead ends into another path. Go right on the path and look for a sawed off tree leaning over the path. Mizz Happy is hiding under the trunk of this tree. Please rehide better than found.

Thanks and happy hunting.