Intown Stroll  LbNA # 17091

Placed DateAug 4 2005
LocationAtlanta, GA
Found By Scooters Mom
Last Found Mar 10 2012
Hike Distance?

There is an intown neighborhood near the botanical gardens known for it's beautiful early 20th century homes. It was developed around green-space so that no home was more than a 10 minute walk from a park. Taking a springtime stroll in this area shows it at its very best, but anytime is fine!

*Note: These stamps will look their best if you have green, brown, pink and/or purple ink. As always: wear insect repellent in warm months, and be cautious of on-lookers and dog walkers. As these are busy urban parks, please rehide very securely--even better than you find it!

#1 is confirmed missing. I will notify when replaced. #3 replanted 7/26/06 with updated clues. Rehide carefully PLEASE!

Begin by locating the largest of the neighborhood parks and park on the SW end of the street named after a famous French soldier and statesman who fought in the Revolutionary War under Gen. George Washington. Find the stone steps leading down and at the bottom spot a waterfall. Climb the mossy stones beside it. Beneath the fall's capstone you will find CERSIS CANADENSIS, a small tree that blooms in early spring before it sends out heart-shaped leaves.

Now travel in a generally E direction along the path beside the goldfish ponds and over cobbles. After awhile you'll pass a ballfield, then a stone bridge. Follow the path up to the street. Cross over to Barksdale and past the first house. Enter green space by ramp on the right. Travel NE through the center of this park. Eventually you'll come to 2 large stones in the center of the path. QUERCUS VELUNTINA is beneath #2 hidden by monkey grass and a smaller stone. Continue through the park and cross the stream when you see the couple's swing. Turn S on Park and stroll beside the second largest park in the neighborhood. At Westminster turn right and you'll soon loop back to your starting point.

This time cross the stone bridge and go toward the play structure. Pass it then exit onto the street you parked on and head W toward your car. You will soon come to a small park named after the intersecting street there. It's a bit overgrown and unkempt, but enter it at the trail beside the sign.(This is the buggiest of the two parks and the most secluded, so plan accordingly.)Strolling S you'll pass 3 large tuliptrees.(Geo alert!) At the 3rd, stop and sight at 250 degrees a powerbox. CORNUS FLORIDA, a tree beloved for its showy spring blooms, is hidden there. Look beside the N corner of the crosstie wall to find a broken clay pipe stoppered with a brick. Please rehide exactly as found, securely replacing pipe, brick, and leaf debris to conceal in a natural way. Double-back through the park or climb the hill to the intersecting street to return to your car heading N.