Notus, the South Wind - MISSING  LbNA # 17129 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 5 2005
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Planted ByPaul in SF    
Found By artTrekker
Last Found Aug 7 2005
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Notus, the south wind winged Greek deity, brings fog and rain. He pours it from a vase, much like his mother, Eos, goddess of dawn, sprinkles dew from a vase.

If you've been to Athens, you've seen Notus, Zephryros, Boreas, and other wind deities on the Tower of the Winds in the ancient agora. The Tower of the Winds was a water clock. The image on the stamp is taken from the relief on the Tower of the Winds.

In San Francisco, Notus lives in a very windy place which is often wrapped in fog. Here is where the modern day Icarus puts on his wings and leaps from high cliffs overlooking the ocean and flies, carried by Notus' breath.

Go to the observation deck to watch Icarus and look out over the ocean. Today, while planting this box, there were dolphins leaping in the sea, and hawks hovered above me. Find Notus' sock and stand with your back to it. Look at the deck. Opposite you is an odd corner with overhanging shrubbery -- the boards change direction there.

Sneak over to that corner, bend down and reach just below the deck to find Notus' box. Stamp in and discretely replace.

Watch for more Greek wind deities to blow around San Francisco...

Paul in SF (25th planted box!)