Placed DateAug 5 2005
LocationWarrenton, MO
Planted ByTCE    
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Oct 5 2005
Hike Distance?

*** This box may be missing! *** If you can find it great! Let me know if you find it, 'cuz I can't check on it. I'm in Oregon right now. I hope you find it, 'cuz there's 2 stamps in that box.

This box is about 50 miles or so west of St. Louis off of I-70.

www.cefonline.com is a good place to get some clues.

Come west on State Highway M until you see the CEF enterance.

Count 4 telephone poles west of the enterance. Just after the last of those 4 telephone poles is a little pull-out on the left hand side of the road. There's just enough space to park a car.

See the cable with the "no tresspassing" sign hanging from it? It's just to the left of the post holding up the cable at the base of some small trees.

Happy Hunting. I should be in the area until October 1st to keep up with this box. Let me know if you find it. Thanks - TCE

E-mail is: Romgenesis@netscape.net

P.S. The box is about 13 steps from the road...so it shouldn't be too difficult. :)