"First Born" - Juniper Hills Park  LbNA # 17134 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 5 2005
LocationFrankfort, KY
Found By The Gingerbreads
Last Found Nov 23 2006
Hike Distance?

Extra Supplies Needed for the Journey:
*Large towel or Picnic Blanket

Location: Juniper Hills Park, off Louisville Road [Hwy 60], Frankfort, Kentucky.

**Welcome to Frankfort's first letterbox! Take a picnic with you and enjoy a day at the park with the family after you solve the riddle and find our box.** --We 4K's


Take the main entrance.
Park just inside
Where two flags stand
One left, one right.

Here at the flag, your journey begins.
Take the path that honors the men
Who battled the flames with fearless might
Some gave their lives during that fight.

After a moment of honor and respect
Look at the shield and follow the “F”.
Over the rise you’ll find a tree
Who’s been cut off about the knee.

Once you arrive, find your way
43 degrees to the sand to play.
Three wooden statues protrude from the ground
The place you seek you’ve almost found.

Line yourself up so the three become one.
Then step to the left, the end has begun.

A mighty fortress is in view
So please take care to be seen by few!
Your treasure lies beneath its feet
Throw open your blanket and be discreet!

[Remember to get the box and move quickly away to another location to stamp all of the books in your entourage so as to draw as little attention to the box/hiding place as possible. Then have someone discreetly place it back again. --A large towel or blanket is key, as you may need it for being discreet while retrieving and replacing the box.]

If you find the box missing or in disarray, please contact us right away. :0) Always rhyming 'til the end, check back often we'll do it again!