Independence Rock  LbNA # 17157 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJul 26 2005
LocationAlcova, WY
Found By Jaxx
Last Found Jun 20 2006
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Moderate (steep slope, 500 yards RT)
Status: reported missing (06/23/08)

Independence Rock is one of the most noted landmarks along the emigrant trails. Popular legend says that the emigrants needed to reach this point by July 4, thereby giving it its name. The large granite outcropping is 1,900 feet long and 700 feet wide and rises 128 feet and was a popular campsite. While encamped here, many emigrants inscribed their names on the sturdy granite through engraving or by painting them with wagon grease, tar or a combination of buffalo grease and glue. Over time, many of these names have flaked off or been obscured by lichens, but thousands of names remain and are a source of delight to those who climb the rock. Hopefully the microbox hidden here will be as delightful.

From Casper drive south on Hwy 220 past Alcova to Independence Rock State Historic Site on the left. It is in the back of a rest area.

Take the trail to the rock and climb to the top. Find the square cement base for a flag pole (no flag when I was there). Walk 15 steps south at 165 to a large round boulder, crossing a gully on the way. Continue about 7 steps down into another gully and turn right. Walk 5 steps to just past the inscription "J.L. Holland 1862" and look under the rock on the gully floor. The camo microbox is behind a rock. Please re-cover well.