Harmony Hills  LbNA # 17162 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateAug 6 2005
LocationTatum, TX
Found By silverhalos
Last Found Dec 28 2010
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Recommended colors: Black
*****this box has been pulled, and will be replaced soon****
Harmony Hill Cemetery
The original two acres of land on which this cemetery is located were donated by John W. Kuykendall in 1852. At the time of the cemetery’s founding, a large rock marked the grave of J. W. Hall, who was buried here in 1844. His is the oldest grave in the cemetery.
Subsequent land donations have increased the size of the graveyard, which has been maintained by the Harmony Hill Cemetery Association since 1882. Those interred here include early setters and county leaders as well as veterans of the Mexican war, Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. It is listed in the National Registry of Historical Places.

From Henderson: Take highway 43 North toward Tatum. Drive Appr. 15 miles until you come to a sign
that reads "Martin Creek State Park". There is also a sign that reads "Harmony Hills Cemetery" . Turn right on 2183. Go Appr. .8 of a mile where you will see the cemetery. From Tatum: go south on highway 43 for about 3.5 miles. Turn left on 2183.

To the Box
1. Park by the front gate. Once inside, take 12 steps forward.
2. Turn left on sidewalk and go 16 steps.
3. Turn right and walk 10 steps. (You can walk on the concrete there or at the end of the graves) You will be in front of a marker for Dr. A. G. Shaw 1827-1902. He was a surgeon in the U. S. Army during the Civil War. Read his plaque at the foot of his grave.
4. Turn back around and go back 10 steps to the sidewalk.
5. Turn right and walk 12 steps passed a small grave that is in the sidewalk.
6. Step down the 2 steps and continue for 10 steps.
7. Turn left and go towards the Pavilion that is used for funerals.
8. You should be at the corner of the pavilion. Stand at the corner facing North. Walk 6 steps forward and turn right. You are almost there!!
9. Go forward 24 steps and stop in front of the marker for Nannie and Millard WATSON. There is a large bush on the left. The box is in the bush. As always, be careful and let me know when you find the box. Please re-hide well.