Beaver Dam  LbNA # 17167 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2005
LocationAshland, VA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This box is in the small park called DeJarnette Park in the small town of Ashland.

To get to this park, get off I95 at exit 92. Head west on RT. 54. Cross Rt. 1. Cross train tracks and take an immediate left on Center Street South. Take a right on Race Course St. The park is at the end of this road. It will seem like you are pulling up in someone's driveway but you will see a small park sign on the right as you enter the park. There is only enough parking for 2 or 3 cars. (It's that small and unknown to most people).

Cross bridge to enter park.
Turn toward the pond.
Stay to the left of the pond.
Don't cross the bridge, take the trail straight ahead.
You'll go up and down some rock piles and then have to duck under or go around some trees.
At T, take a left.
You'll notice that an area where there was a fire several some time ago.
Continue straight until you see what's left of an old beaver dam.
After admiring the work of the beavers, turn around and go back the way you came.
Turn left on the first small path.
You'll see a stump of a large tree that the beaver took down.
On the other side of the trail, spot a tree with the sharp pointed leaves.
The beaver is at the base of this tree hiding under a part of the tree he took down.

Rehide well and kick some leaves to cover him up again.