The 3 Magi  LbNA # 1720

Placed DateJan 6 2002
LocationMansfield, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
Hike Distance?

Planted for Three Kings Day January 6, 2002
Rated: easy short walk
Hidden by The Leader of the Pack

The three Magi were following a star. They traveled through the hills of Ashford and were near to the sight of the stars glow in Mansfield Center. The path they traveled was known in those days as the Warrenville Rd . ( Rte 89) . It came to pass that they should take a rest and prepare the gifts they brought forth to lay at the feet of a new king. So they took a side path off Warrenville at the Southeast Park and traveled to the back side. Here leaving the comfort of their transportation they took note they were by field C. Such a strange crop they must grow in such a field. The winter wind whipped at them and they chose a trail into the pine that would take them out of the bitter cold wind. It was marked clearly with the blue dots and so they walked in between boulder and staff and took a right down the trail into a valley of white pines. They followed the blue dots up the next small grade and noted a tree with a great many trunks sprouting from its base. Was this a sign? They walked to the very next blue dot and stopped there. From that spot they slipped through the undergrowth to the left, to the base of a very large white pine tree. The were very careful not to be seen as they prepared the gifts for the baby foretold. After carefully preparing they returned to the trail . They left the woods so no one would notice they had come this way, they left a momento of the place and hid it well and for those who become followers they are advised to also leave the momento hidden well. Return the way you came to the transportation spot . Good Luck in seeking your star.