Mounds of the Midwest Series: The Bend  LbNA # 17204 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateAug 7 2005
LocationWisconsin Dells, WI
Found By Merlin and Ardea
Last Found Oct 14 2006
Hike Distance?

This wayside has changed ownership. Will post here again if it becomes available again. 8/9/07

Mounds of the Midwest Series: The Bend

Hwy 16 Four miles south of The Dells. The park is close during the winter months. (Not sure which months)
Stop and check out the sign at the entrance to the park. Between the conical mounds and the bears is where you need to be. Between the two bears, head north 37 paces along a faint deer path. Some Poison Ivy is in the area, but can be avoided... so watch where you step. A large tree is on your left. Search the base. Please avoid walking on any of the mounds to avoid damaging them. Have fun!

Leapin’ Lizards