Imaginary Roadside Attractions: Improbable Parks  LbNA # 17211 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2005
LocationLittle America, WY
Found By Maiden Fair
Last Found Nov 9 2007
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Imaginary Roadside Attractions: Improbable Parks

In our semi-occasional series of Imaginary Roadside Attractions, we wanted to celebrate the Improbably-Named Parks of our nation. Who, but a thirteen year old boy could allow anything to be named "Big Bone Lick" or "Elephant Butte." One senses the Native American's cringe when tour guides ascribe these names to their ancestors.

So, in this spirit, we've created a little park of our own. And, it must be noted that I carved this stamp and bound the book while riding down Route 80 in Wyoming at 80 miles per hour. The fact that I was also wearing a bikini top while carving must have amused the truckers to no end!


Start at the huge Little America sign in the parking lot of the rest area. Face the motels and walk through the gap in the buildings, between rooms 125 and 122. Pass the intersection. On the left side fo the driveway will be a red hydrant, a speed limit sign and a stop sign. Don't go past these signs, as they mark the start of the employees' village. Feign interest in the wild rabbits running around. You've certainly seen enough of their deceased relatives in the past 200 miles! Check the back of the lower horizontal band of the stop sign.

Now take your booty into the restaurant, and stamp away. I wouldn't stamp in the parking lot, because there are loads of Little America staff passing through.