Field Of Dreams  LbNA # 17212

Placed DateAug 8 2005
LocationLaGrange Park, Westchester, IL
Planted Byjar the ladybug    
Found By Cozmogodess
Last Found Aug 1 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

To find this letterbox. It's located in the Bob Mann Woods on 31st Street. About a 15-20 minute walk easy to find letterbox. Placed By Jar The Ladybug And By Jay Bird.
They built it and the people did come, for a while anyway.
Walk into the middle of the Bob Mann Woods open field. Can't you hear the roars and cheers of the baseball games gone by? Find where the catcher once stood. Look behind where the catcher once stood. Not too far from there you will find the Field of Dreams letterbox. It sits waiting for you to find it!!!

You know the drill, put things back the way you found it please.

My Grandpa and I hope you enjoyed looking for The Field Of Dreams and if you have any questions, please contact us.