The lost(missing) boy at Kiddieland Amusement Park  LbNA # 17217 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 24 2005
LocationMelrose Park, IL
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The lost(missing) boy at Kiddieland Amusement Park

THIS BOX WILL ONLY BE HERE DURING THE END OF SEPTEMBER IN TIL HALLOWEEN.DON'T LET ANY PERSON IN THE PARK KNOW ABOUT THIS. I CAN GET IN TROBLE FOR IT.So it is really top secret. I am the person who has the box, later on it will be hidden. I won't get the okay till the end of the season but i am doing it in till then, to get it started.
This is a LONG story but has many clues but are hidden in the story.

This is the story of a LITTLE BOY WHO WENT TO KIDDIELAND to have fun AND GOT LOST(WENT MISSING). Long time ago, about 20 years ago, there was this boy who went to kiddieland and disapperaed. It is a unsolved case. Now we will go back to close the case. It all started one nice day in October. As the kid walked to the park he saw that he needed a ticket. The prices are:
+Admission guests 6 years and older-$20.25,$17.25 after 5pm
+Admission guests 3-5 years old&60+ -$17.25,$14.25 after5pm
+Admission guests 2 years and under-Free with paid adult.

The little boy said "I am 14 so that means i pay $20.25." The person at the admission booth said "Yes." Took his money and gave him the ticket. He walked to the entrance gate gave the person the ticket. She scanned it then gave him back the ticket and let him enter. He entered the gate and looked around. They took the Merry-go-round and turned it in to a kids haunted house, there was the spooky train ride, and many more rides. He decided he will go to the haunted Merry-Go-Round later, he was going to go on the train first. Then figure out what rides to go on after he got off.(go take a ride on the train) So he went to the left and got in line for the train. Just as he got in line the train pulled up and he got on. The train pulled out of the station and went out and along First Ave. then back in to the park. When they got back in the park, he saw a ride that had blue,red,and yellow cars and they looked old. He told himself that that will be the next ride to go on. (find that ride and remember it)When he got off the train he decided he was ready for the haunted house.(go in the haunted house, it is okay for kids)

When he got out, he walk to the car ride he saw on the train but he saw another car ride. On this ride you can hit people and drive. He wanted to hit people and drive so he got on that ride.(get on this ride too) As he drove around he saw another ride that looked like a octpus and the cars looked like frogs.(find this ride, you don't have to ride on this if you don't want)As soon as he got off this ride he ran over to the octpus looking ride and rode it. When he got off he was a bit dizzy so he went and got pop at the stand there and crossed the tracks and sat under a tree to the right. After he drank his pop he looked up and saw the ride that had the three diffrent colered cars. He got in line for this one too and rode a blue car that was number 13.(You have to ride this one) As he drove the car out of the station he drove over and under a ride that you sit in a log and float in water.(Find this ride and go on it, you have to go on this one too) When he got off the car ride he went to the ride he saw that you sit in a log and float in water. He walked through the chains and up the ramp to get on the ride.He waited a bit then got in a boat. As he was leaving the station a person to his right said "Hold on to the bars on the inside,stay seated and take off your hat. Enjoy your ride." He said "okay" to the person but didn't care what the person said,he just wanted to ride in the log. As he left the station he went past some bends and turns,past the car ride ans up a lift and into a trough full of water. He saw that there was a person up here but this person looked odd to him. Mostly all the people in park that worked here were wearing costumes, but this person standed out. He had on a olive green shirt,brown pants with a belt on that had lots of things on it,and a black cape. When he got closer to the person he noticed that he had a animal on his sholder. It was a Black dragon with wings that sparkled and it looked cool.It looked like it was going to fly off his sholder. (Hint: That is me with the dragon on my sholder, so look for that and you will find me BUT we are not done yet)As he went down the ramp he turned around to get a better look at the person. He had to stand up a bit to get a better look but when he did he fell out of the boat and his hat flew off also. As he fell to the water below him, he saw the guy with the dragon looking at him. His face was full of shock and fright with a little fear. The problem was that he was not able to help him as he fell. Then the guy smiled, winked and nodded at the boy. He turned his head around looked down then he hit the water sholder first and went under.
That was it,it was all over, but the story is not done yet. In about five minutes there was police,and many other people over here trying to save him. As they walked around in the water as it was draining they couldn't find him. The only thing they found of his was his hat. As the cops and other people were looking for his body. One of the cops looked up at the guy that was up there at the top of the ramp, he was laughing(not a evil laugh). When he noticed they were looking at him he stoped laughing and had a serious face on. The cops went to go question him but when they got there he was gone. So from that point on the case remained a unsolved one and people forgot it and all about both of them. Intil now.

Now it is time for you to find me and the boy. Go to the bridge that you pass under when you were riding the log ride,look down and in the water on the left and right side for the boy or at least his hat. Give up. Well then take out your map and look for the boys name. This might be hard, so think hard. Find the first four rides that he went on, and find their letters on the map. Scramble the four letters for my name.____ ____ ____ ____. Now find me and say "Where is the lost boy. I am looking for _ _ _ _." If you say it right i will show you the lost boy.IF you say it wrong i will say "I don't know where the lost boy is."

I am sorry for this being really long.I like writing long stories. i will try to make my next one shorter. Have fun and happy hunting.