I-10 Box Stop: Frog City, LA  LbNA # 17222

Placed DateAug 8 2005
LocationRayne, LA
Found By jbboxer
Last Found Mar 14 2011
Hike Distance?

NOTE: Back in business! Thanks to Blackberry Patch for the help.

Driving on I-10 across Louisiana can get a little tedious. What better pick-me-up than a Box Stop--a short excursion not that far off the freeway that offers the opportunity to stretch one's legs (and find a letterbox in the process).

We've planted one Box Stop at Rayne, LA, exit 87 in Louisiana.

Rayne is known as the Frog City, and many businesses demonstrate their civic pride through the frog murals planted throughout the community. It's fun to drive around and see them, starting with those on the underpass off of I-10.

The center of Rayne is one mile south of I-10. As you travel down the main thoroughfare, enjoy the frog murals. When you come to the railroad tracks, Depot Square should be to your left. Find the Gazebo in the Square. Facing the "fais do do" frogs, go around the gazebo to the left. Under the steps on the side closest to the rr tracks, you should see some lumber ties. The Frog City microbox is underneath the tie closest to you.