Baby Bunny  LbNA # 17226 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2005
LocationWest Hartford, CT
Found By Gizz
Last Found Jul 13 2007
Hike Distance?

Spice Bush Swamp

Directions: exit 43 off of I-84 to West Hartford. Right then a quick left onto Trout Brook. Straight, cross through the larger intersection with Farmington Ave., and take the next left onto Fern Street. Straight for about a mile(you will pass Fern Ridge Park on your left), take a left at the second stoplight onto Mountain Road. Spice Bush Swamp will be 1/4 mile up on the right at the intersection of Mountain Rd. and Gloucester Lane.

Difficulty: not difficult, takes about 20 minutes to find box.

From the parking lot, hop across the meadow to the rock dedicating the area to Shirley Marsh, and over the bridge to the pond, then over the next bridge into the woods. If you were to poke around the shrubbery here you would have a good chance of seeing some cute bunnies. Walking in, go right. Don't take the path back to the pond, at the next choice of paths, go left. See a cement pipe and cross a stream. I like walking through the tangles here. At the choice, go right over the stream again. There is a labyrinth of deer trails here (keep a lookout for them!). Go left onto the path after crossing the stream. Keep to the path into the clearing (and the spot where I saw a pretty red bird today). Now take the first path on the left. There will soon be a big ball of twigs on your left. Follow this path as it curves up the hill. It will make a large circle. When you've walked around it, take a right, back onto the main trail. You will come to a clearing with some planks; there will be houses on the left. I saw an insect here today with an iridescent green body and black wings-kindof like a dragon-fly. Don't take the right over the boards - instead, go straight, then left at the next choice over zig-zagging single boards. You will soon be in a pretty little clearing. The letterbox is to the left, behind a 5-sister tree.

After stamping in, go back over the log and zig-zag boards, but this time, make a left over the wooden bridge. At the "butterfly" take a right, and the path will take you back to the parking lot.