Will S.  LbNA # 17229 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDoublesaj & Old Blue    
Placed DateAug 8 2005
LocationLithia Park, Ashland, OR
Found By Merlandese
Last Found Jun 24 2014
Hike Distance?

Romeo's Ex is MISSING, but Will S. is awaiting your visit. Have fun!!

Few may recall that poor unsuspecting lady, Rosline whom Romeo so quickly dropped aside when his eyes first met that little coquette, Juliet! Read the play! In Act I folks remind Romeo of Rosline and he acts as though he's never heard her name! She now sits ever-brooding for her Romeo in Lithia Park.

Box #1 "ROMEO'S EX" (missing)

Box #2 "WILL S." (alive 7/10/13)

And let us not forget the Bard whose writing has kept the population in rapture low these 400 years.

Find your way to the other outdoor stage in the middle of the park. Walk south/southwest to the Rotary circle. Continue on this cement path with its meanderings and turns until just before you come to the main road (Douglas is standing there!) Take a left (south) on the cement path through the shady glen. Climb 11 stairs to an entertaining site. Go left and take another left at the "Y". With Soft earth now at your feet, turn right and find the first picnic table on your right. Have a sit. At the NW corner of this table, spy a scattering of large rocks. Duck behind them and into leafy covering to find a very large bounder, half hidden under shrubbery. At the east end of this rock, under leaves you'll find Will S.

Please cover with leaves after rehiding