A FORK in the Road  LbNA # 17236

OwnerJessica DE    
Placed DateAug 5 2005
Location???, PA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The county Begins with a S- and has no other planted boxes yet.

The End of the World!
A Covered Bridge
The SE side of the road
Stand at the creek bank by the tree
count stones at your feet start at the bank count to 4
#4 lift your eyes to the wall all are grey
This one is not its round and brown and from the creek
What you need to go eat your lunch lies behind.

Park beside the road in front of the stop sign on the same side as mentioned above. This will somewhat block your search from the house, also a camera could be of some use to mask what your really there for, (don't get me wrong the pictures are great and so are the burgers inside across the street. street traffic is slow and not that busy, however keep a tight hand on little ones. This is really a great site.!! have fun and let me know if you find it & how its doing.