The Fall of the Pixies  LbNA # 1724

Placed DateFeb 24 2002
LocationAshford, CT
Found By Rock Island
Last Found Mar 22 2010
Hike Distance?

(Placed by: Adorphus the Pedantic on 2/24/2002)
Adopted by Teach & Preach(If the original owner would like to reclaim this box, send me an email at
Location: Nipmuck Trail, Yale Forest, Ashford, CT

I suppose it was inevitable that Adorphus the Pedantic would get himself into
trouble when his dragon flew south on her mission to help a friend. How
often had she warned him about the Pixies-their cunning, their guile, their
feigned innocence? Maybe he thought she was too cynical in the way that
dragons sometimes are thought to be. Or, maybe he was overconfident in his
own prowess as a Mage and Pedant. Or, maybe he thought the Griffon could
protect him. Most likely, he simply forgot! Whatever the explanation,
Adorphus and the Griffon choose to venture a quest in the Dragon Lady's
absence. They went to hide the Tupper Treasure (though really maid out of
rare rubber that can withstand even the microripples of evil magic).

Their goal was a point prior to the juncture where the noble Mucks (who were
known to take a Nip on occasion) rendezvous with the Northern Natchaug at the
end of its trek. (Legend has it that Straub & Molly left a treasure there
also). To get to their own destination Adorphus & the Griffon had to walk
part of the same road as Thomas Hooker once trod on his way from Hartford to
Boston. From the south on Route 89 one crosses Route =(88/2) in the village
of Warrens (though I don't think the Warrens refer to rabbit holes--perhaps
gnome burrows). From the blue, yellow, & green torch proceed north 2 & 7/10
miles. Take a right on the lane that leads to where the Dwarves mine the
iron for their battle axes. (Or, coming south from exit 71 off I84 on
Turnpike to Route 89 you must pass at least 4 red pentagonal signs warning
you to STOP-a sure sign this quest is a dangerous one. Five miles from the
bridge at the exit and 1 mile from the last sign, turn right at the church
West of the ford where the flickering red torch warns of magical dangers
ahead. Proceed south on Route 89, 1 & 3/10 miles. Take a left on the lane
that leads to where the Dwarves mine the iron for their battle axes.) There
are signs that tell of the way of the Nipping Mucks. Turn left onto the
dirt road & park.

When first they saw where the trail was leading Adorphus exclaimed to the
Griffon "where in the blue blazes is this taking us?"-because 480 wizard
paces from the turn off is the ruins of "Elves Eves," that once mighty castle
that stood at the entrance to the Land of Faire. Sadly today only the
foundation remains--haunted by the shades of those elves who gave up their
immortality to defend these woods from the hordes of horror. Beware; those
horrors still walk these woods! [OK, so Adorphus is a little melodramatic as
well as pedantic & loquacious.] Adorphus & the Griffon followed the trail
blazed by the blue blood of the fleeing elves. They turned right and walked
40 wizard paces, only to turn left and pass through the ruins of the mighty
wall that once guarded the Land of Faire. About 150 wizard paces from the
wall they crossed a deceptively peaceful brook. Two hundred seventy-five
wizard paces from the brook is a right turn in the trail with a wall to the
left and another 20 wizard paces to a gap in that wall. From there 320
wizard paces brought them to yet another wall. Passing through this wall
they unwittingly entered the domain of the Rock Trolls. Ninety wizard paces
latter, the Griffon climbed a large bolder to the right of the trail to
survey the way ahead, only to have the bolder shiver and shake beneath her.
Looking down she found herself perched on the back of a giant Rock Troll!
Adorphus & Griffon ran for their lives (after all, they are pacifists). To
escape they had to flee straight through the land of the Rock Trolls and pass
almost directly beneath their citadel which can be seen up high and to the
left of the trail. Rushing ahead with mad Trolls at their backs they were
relieved to see a sign on their right proclaiming "90 wizard paces to the
abode of your friends and allies the Pixies." That the way was marked with
the red blood of mortals should have given them pause, but with the Trolls at
their backs they paid no heed. There, by the gently falling water, danced a
pride of pixies. As tiny as they were (about 2 to 3 inches tall) the Trolls
kept their distance. At the base of the Falls a murky swamp showed signs of
being the lair of a Revaeb, whose teeth can cut a large tree in half. "We
come in peace" said Adorphus, though the Griffon snarled and looked
suspicious. The pixies just laughed and danced about kicking dust into the
air and singing:
"Pixie dust,
Pixie sleep,
Take Adorphus
Under deep."
And with that Adorphus fell asleep! But the Griffon was too fast and leapt
across the falls & into the grove of mountain laurel which the pixies dared
not enter. As soon as Adorphus was unconscious, the pixies began to attack
the Tupper Treasure with their microripples. But the rare rubber was
resistant to the ripples and the receptical remained sealed. As the pixies
pried at the package the Griffon snuck up and licked Adorphus in the face.
Griffon slobber has magic resisting properties because it comes from a
mythical beast. Awake and aware again, Adorphus thought fast and arrived at
a solution. He offered the pixies a truce, a treaty, and a trade. In
exchange for safe passage to the Tower of Power, he would leave the Tupper
Treasure with them. Further, anyone else is to be granted safe passage
through the realm of the pixies, provided they stamp the ledger in the Tupper

To locate the treasure, go to the base of the great fallen tree that lies
parallel to the falls. With your back to the roots of the tree, take 15
wizard steps toward the Revaeb's swamp. There you will encounter a rock
carved into four parts to form a magic X. The treasure is hidden under the
ledge of one of these rocks. Linger awhile to enjoy the realm of the pixies
before traveling on to find Chuck & Molly's Letterbox.