Essex County Enviromental Center  LbNA # 17242

Placed DateAug 9 2005
LocationRoseland, NJ
Found By GreenFrog
Last Found Nov 22 2011
Hike Distance?

For more information on the Center, and directions, please go to

NOTE: We planted this box very close to the parking lot because the rest of the nature preserve floods a few times a year. You can do the rest of the trails if you want, but it is not necessary.

NOTE: The Center is not necessary, but it is very informative and interesting. You can also pick up trail guides, and guides to the whole park if you’d like.

Start at the Lenape Trail sign by the Center facing away from the building. Take the first left on that trail, and walk to the end of the trail, but not into the parking lot. You should see a very large tree with 5 trunks. Look in the center of the trunks. Please re-cover the box better than you found it, as it is very close to the trail and to the parking lot.