Zephyrus, the West Wind - MISSING  LbNA # 17246 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 9 2005
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Planted ByPaul in SF    
Found By Cellissimo
Last Found Aug 13 2005
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Zephyrus, god of the West Wind, is known for his romantic attachments: his lovers include the Spartan youth, Hyacinthus (later turned to a flower by Apollo), the goddess of the rainbow, Iris, and the goddess of the flowers, Chloris-Flora.

On the Tower of the Winds in the ancient agora of Athens, Zephyrus is pictured as a handsome young man bringing flowers.

To find Zephyrus, consider where the windiest sections of the city are located. One in particular is noted for the previous location of a very early airstrip in San Francisco. Today, it is near a place where kites are often flown near the water.

Nearby, is a collection of buildings that house small museums and exhibitions. It also contains an eating place favored by vegetarians. Much like Zephyrus brings flowers, this place hosts the annual orchid show.

Zephyrus lives near some beautiful gardens, generally unseen by the public. Find the Landmark Building among the buildings mentioned above. Take the stairs going up the hill behind the Landmark Bldg. Take a left, then a right and walk past the sculpture that has a mosaic inset. Take a left to the path immediately after the sculpture.

You will come to fenced community gardens. At the corner of the fence, just before the entrance to the gardens, you'll see a fairly large shrub-like jade tree. The box is at the base of the tree, disguised as ferns.

Pay a visit to the gardens -- they are beautifully tended, and you'll see the colorful flowers brought on the breath of Zephyrus. As letterboxers, you'll be respectful of the gardens, and not pick anything, of course.