The Silly Siblings  LbNA # 1728 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 29 2003
LocationDanielson, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: If you are up for a challenge, this letterbox is for you! Enjoy a daring cliffside course with a few hills to climb.

Directions: Ross Pond State Park is located in Danielson, Connecticut.
From Points North: Take 395 South. Get off at exit 91 East (Route 6 towards
Providence, R.I.) When you get on Route 6, take a right onto Old Furnace
Road (at a blinking yellow light) Pass by the first State Park (Old Furnace)
on the right. At the next right take Ross Road. Shortly after the beautiful
red farmhouse, look for a brown sign on the right that says "Ross Pond".
Follow this dirt road to the Parking lot.

From Points South: Take 395 North to exit 90. Then take the first exit on
the right (this exit has no number, it just says exit) At the stop sign,
turn left. This road will become a dirt road. Follow it for 9/10 of a
mile, until you come to Ross Road on the left. Take Ross Road about a half
mile until you stumble on a dirt road on the right labeled "Ross Pond". When
you get to the end, park your car at the west end of the parking lot. This
is where the adventure begins.

Take the trail behind 4 large rocks in the most western part of the parking
lot. Travel up this trail for a short while until you reach an orange marker
in front of 2 blue blazes. Take this trail on the right(315 degrees) At the
orange arrow follow the trail at 75 degrees. This path inclines. You'll
know you've neared the top when the path "turns to stone". Follow the "rock
path" until you reach a fork, stay right (North/Northeast) Be extra careful
around the cliff area, it's a long way down! Continue along the trail until
you come across another Y, where a "lonely" rock is directly in front of
you. Proceed along the main trail(300 degrees) Yes, up the hill, and yes,
then another. When you reach the top, continue on the path heading North.
There will be several overviews. We suggest you take a moment to enjoy the
view. (Don't mind the grafiti) Eventually you will come to a large gap
in the cliffside. Take the path at 45 degrees on the left side of the chasm.
Watch your step!!!! This trail is marked with light blue blazes. You will
come across a "semi-open" area, with pine trees and a small overlook point to
the right. At 45 degrees, there is a fallen pine tree. Look at the base of
this pine for your prize.

To get back to your car, decend on the light blue trail onto a cement
walkway. If you can't get over the waterfall,(depending on the weather)
there is an emergency route to the left. Continue on this course until you
reach a green gate. You can either go onto the road and take a right or
there is an inconspicuous trail on the right(before the road) that will bring
you back to the parking lot. Hope You Had Fun!!!
Submitted by:
Meredith and Alisa Allard
Danielson, Ct.