O, The Moonlight's Fair Tonight Along the Wabash  LbNA # 17308 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 11 2005
LocationLafayette, IN
Found By trinityseekers
Last Found Oct 7 2006
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The Wabash Heritage Trail runs from the Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette to Battleground, Indiana. The Heritage Trail offers opportunities for bird watching, wildlife observation, exercise and exploration. The Trail is mild to moderate as it winds past marshy areas, buckeye, cottonwood and sycamore trees, wildflowers, and Heron Island Wildlife Preserve.

The Trail also steeps itself in the rich history of the area. The battle ground of William Henry Harrison is the starting point of the Trail. The creek is named for William Burnett, an early settler. John Davis operated a ferry at the current site of the Davis Ferry pedestrian bridge. The Trail is targeted to reach Fort Ouiatenon, the historic site which is home of the annual Feast of the Hunters' Moon.

Highway 38 runs West into Lafayette and turns into Main Street, which cuts right downtown. Follow it until it dead-ends into the Railway Station and Riehle Plaza. (Bank One will be there on the left.) Park downtown and follow the flight of stairs in the plaza which ascends and crosses over the railroad tracks. You will see the long, brick pedestrian bridge stretching over to West Lafayette. Before you even get one fourth of the way across, there will be a ramp going down to the bank of the river begining the trail. Follow the trail which stetches parallel to the railroad tracks. (The Wabash river should be on your left) You will eventually come to a fork near a large electric station. Take the fork to the left and enter the woods. Continue on until you come to a bend which goes to the right. You will see here a group of three trees(maples) growing together near the same place right off the path. You will also be able to see the overpass highway from this bend, and if you go under this you have gone too far. BEFORE you go around the bend you will see a long stack of deadfalls off the path to the LEFT. At the right end of the deadfalls are two trees. If you walk or even look between these two trees into the stack of deadfalls, you should see the plastic bags containing the letter box. PLEASE be sure to take the time and lock everything back safely, because our box is wood and this is a wet area.

If you want, enjoy the rest of the trail - - as much of the 13 miles that you want! Be sure also to let us know where you are from! Thank you, and good luck!
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