Ajax Missile  LbNA # 17339

Placed DateAug 13 2005
CountyIsle of Wight
LocationSmithfield, VA
Found By KFamily
Last Found Sep 30 2007
Hike Distance?


This is a cold war NIKE Missile Base that has been converted to a recreational park for the Carrollton/Smithfield area population to enjoy. If you Google Nike Missile Bases you can get a good history of their purpose. This park is said to be 75% accurate to its original purpose, but not evident to the naked eye. The missiles are long gone,until now. A new completely harmless Ajax Missile has been introduced. Your job is to find it, stamp up, put it back in its resting place and let me know if it is o'k.

When you get to the park find the rest rooms adajacent to the tennis courts and kiddies play ground.. On the bulletin board, located in the breezeway of the restroom area, is a map of the Nike Park Tree and Shrub Nature Trail. I strongly recommend you take a look at it before starting your hunt.

Clues: LOCATE THE HEAD OF THE TRAIL AND FOLLOW THE TRAIL CLOCK WISE. THIS IS IMPORTANT. (Be careful marker #2 is a little out of sequence.) After you have crossed the fourth bridge and marker #13 continue on, keeping a sharp eye for a yellow arrow painted on a tree. Follow the arrow's advice. Continue in this direction until you see a bench on your left. Approximately 25 paces after the bench the trail forks. Take the right fork for approximately 11 paces where trail forks again. Again take the right fork. A short distance down the trail your fifth bridge should be coming into view. Approximately 12 paces past the bridge you should be standing next to a skinny tree stump on your right that has been recently cut down (4" dia.) Leave the trail and step over the stump and take approximately 21 paces along an ill defined path and turn right. Now take 5 paces and STOP. Straight ahead you should see a gnarly tree that looks like it is smiling at you. WITHOUT MOVING turn and face to your right. You should be looking at an oak tree. The Nike Ajax Missile were housed under ground, but this one is "under", but not he ground. Please leave the missile's hiding place in place, thank you. There are picnic benches not too far where you can sit to stamp up. This is a busy park so please be discreet and return the missile to its hiding place. Thank you.