Safari Museum  LbNA # 17340 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2005
Location111 North Lincoln Ave, Chanute, KS
Found By feminista
Last Found Apr 25 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by Gate Key

In the early 1900s, Kansas natives Martin and Osa Johnson created great public interest from their photographs, movies and discoveries from overseas in places such as East and Central Africa, the South Pacific Islands and British North Borneo. They explored unknown peoples and places and established a historical pictoral record of these people who now cease to exist.

The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum was established in Osa's hometown of Chanute, KS in 1961 to preserve their collections of photos, films, belongings and manuscripts.

Before your letterbox hunt, take the time to visit the museum. It is definitely worth seeing. For more information about the museum, visit them on the web at

The clues for the Safari Museum letterbox begin at the museum entrance.

Directions to the Safari Museum:
From Hwy 169, take the Cherry Street exit (hwy 39). Follow Cherry Street (39) east into town. At the stop light, turn right onto Lincoln Ave. (You will still be on hwy 39). Follow Lincoln Ave. over the railroad bridge until you reach the light at the corner of Elm & Lincoln. The Safari museum is located at this corner on the west side in the old train depot.

Directions to the letterbox:
At the museum entrance, turn around and face the Post Office across the street. There is a sidewalk in front of you. Follow this sidewalk to the right until you come to the brick side street.
Turn right onto this brick street and walk 21 paces in the direction of the "Dead End" Sign.
Turn right and step up the parking ledge and walk toward the lantern that is attached to the side of the brick building. Walk until you are standing next to the lantern. If you are facing the lantern, look to your right. You can see the back side of the Safari Museum sign hanging on the side of the building about 5 feet from you. Walk over to this sign. Look downward to see the drainage pipe. Underneath this pipe, beneath a small slab of iron is the prize. The piece of iron is a bit cumbersome so please be careful when moving.
When finished, please replace the box where found hidden well from view.