La Camas  LbNA # 17345

Placed DateMay 28 2007
LocationCamas, WA
Found By verano
Last Found Nov 30 2008
Hike Distance?

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More Info:
Terrain: gravel and large rock hiking trail
Distance: up to 2.5 mi rt
Elevation: ~170’ up.
Wheel chair friendly: sorry
Pen colors: yellow, purple or blue, green.

The French called it La Camas, the deep blue lily called Kamass or Kamiss as named by the Native Americans, who used the flower bulb for food. The flowers can be seen sometime between April and June.

From I-5 or I-205 drive East on highway 14, exiting at the 1st Camas exit. Continue East to NE Garfield, turn up the hill. Take a right at NE Everett, drive to the Lacamas Lake Park. Enter the parking lot just before the bridge. Or cross the bridge take the first right, look for the parking areas on the right (a non-paved and a paved). You can hike CW or CCW depending on which lot you start from. Watch out for the mountain bikes.


Between “10” & “11” you will find a trail at a heading of 15 magnetic. Take to the “T”. Then North. Go 1/10th to a meadow trail at the triangle and take a R, go another 1/10th to an oak on the L, just past the 2nd over head branch you will see a 2nd small rotting log on the right. Step on a number of large rocks (to protect the lilies) to get to this 2nd log. Look under it and behind a flat rock and under a piece of bark. The Lb hides here.