Doyle Owl  LbNA # 1736

Placed DateDec 3 2001
LocationPortland, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 12 2016

NOTE: replaced 10/25/07

This letterbox is a tribute to the elusive Doyle Owl. Sometime early in the history of Reed College, a group of students temporarily neglected their studies and absconded with a large piece of architectural cement in the shape of an owl, source unknown. For the better part of a century, this icon has been known to make hasty appearances in unexpected places, sometimes by unconventional means and has been the object of intense scheming and creative thievery. Once exhibited, it always manages to disappear, secreted in an unknown hiding place until its next surprise public appearance. The owl has been transported by helicopter, appeared in a Tears for Fears video, traveled to San Francisco and been submerged in various bodies of water. At any given time the owl’s location and current guardian is generally unknown.

to the Trailhead:
Park at Reed College in the East Parking Lot located on SE Woodstock Boulevard, just east of SE 36th.

to the Letterbox:
Walk toward the main part of the campus on the sidewalk at the north side of the parking lot. You will come to a campus map. Just north of the bookstore/dining hall find the rising tiers with a lakefront view. From this point take the trail at 130 degrees magnetic. Pass under the troll’s shelter. Keep to the bank. The path will eventually give you three choices. While Reedies don't usually choose the middle of the road, they DO tend to take the road less traveled. They are sometimes bogged down with too much schoolwork but tend to avoid muddy thinking. Shortly, you will walk three planks. Just before six earthen risers look for the letterbox in the heart of a reclining Y.

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