Black Mountain Fire  LbNA # 17389

Placed DateAug 14 2005
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By bitterrootgirl
Last Found Sep 2 2014
Hike Distance?

This box will be found in a moderately severe burned forest just south of Missoula. In the summer of 2003 this fire commanded everyone's attention and came really close to the urban area.

While you are here watch for black-backed woodpeckers who rely on burned forests.

Take highway 93 South from Missoula. Turn right on the Blue Mountain Road. Go to the main Blue Mountain Recreation Road, also known as #365. Take a left.

Go 1.7 miles. The road will switch-back at this point and there is a small area to park your car. Take the trail that goes West/North West into the burn. Behind you to your right will be the Blue Mountain Nature Trail that you aren't taking.

Walk 115 paces. On your left will be a burned stump. Walk 12 paces to the stump. The letterbox is hidden on the right side in a hole with a rock covering the opening.

Please replace as you found it. Enjoy the regrowth of the forest. If you hike further on, you will enter a severly burned area, but it isn't all black. A lot of life has returned.