Magic Maggie  LbNA # 17391

Placed DateAug 12 2005
LocationBailey, CO
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Jul 10 2011
Hike Distance?

While the magpie ('maggie')is not the official state bird of Colorado, it is often identified with our state. This stamp was carved by our grown daughter (Purl Girl) and left in our care to plant

From US 285 in Bailey, drive East on C.R. 68 (toward Wellington Lake)for 9.2 miles. On the right you will see a sign pointing to the trailhead for trail 663 (Rolling Creek Trail). Take care driving to the trailhead (0.2 miles) since the road is a bit rough.

From the trailhead, walk about 10 minutes. You will be at a point where the trail bends sharply to the left. At the bend, look up the hill and you will see several piles of boulders. Continue on the trail for 40 paces. Look due South and you will see the left-most pile of boulders. 30 paces will take you to the pile. Currently there is a 25 foot long spear resting on the rocks. Nestled at the base of the right-most boulder is Magic Maggie.

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