Let's Go FLy A Kite Series  LbNA # 17393

Placed DateAug 14 2005
LocationYachats, OR
Planted ByTeam Springamajack    
Found By spaceship passengers
Last Found Aug 30 2012
Hike Distance?

UPDATE!!! CHECKED ON THESE BOXES 6/17/06 all are doing fine and being used.

Also when we checked on these we saw a cat with a collar and a bell, we think it was abandon but we couldn't get close to it. We left a little food out for it. If anyone is a cat lover would you mind bringing a small amount of cat food to leave out for it. THANKS!!!

This series is dedicated to all those who love kites like we do.

HIKE- Fairly easy
Wheel Chair Friendly- Unfortunately not SORRY
Kid Friendly- Sort of. There are rocks and driftwood to trip over so be careful.


Drive Hwy 101 North To Neptune Beach. There are two entrances you want the South entrance just before the bridge. The Parking is free isn't that GREAT!!! Neptune is a great place to visit. It has tide pools, picnicing, bathrooms (but no water), trail hiking (some are quite over grown but still usable. Kinda makes you feel like your in a jungle), Beach access, and a little river.


Kite #1- A Day in the Sky
Head to the picnic area. You will see a fence at the cliffs edge. Follow the fence left to the end. You will see a small trail. At the start of the trail take a compass bearing of approx 260 to a medium sized bush. There is a smaller bush next to it on the right. In that bush you can enoy A Day in the Sky.

Kite #2- Charlie
Make your way across the parking lot to the North East Side. There you will see a dirt trail leading to a small grove of trees. At the start of the trail take a reading of 336 degrees and walk downhill approx. 33 steps. To your left there will be a small mound of tree roots. At your feet there is a little cubby hole where Charlie is hiding under twigs and bark and rocks. (Doesn't this look like a Kite Eating Tree?)

Kite #3- Show Off
From that same path make your way to the beach or go back up to the parking lot and use the stairs. Follow the little river past a driftwood Graveyard (where you may see a fort or two) and under the bridge. Once under the bridge head to the south side. Look Up to the left. See the stairs?? Up the stairs you go and across the footbridge but before you reach the other side stop and kneel down to the left. You will see where the footbridge meets the land. There under a couple of rocks is Show Off.

Kite #4- Night Flying
Once you have enjoyed your day at Neptune Beach head back to the parking lot. Take the asphalt trail to the bathrooms. Once there you can see more trails in the trees. Take the trail to the left and enter the clearing in the trees. Once there find the carcass of a fountain on your right. We think this used to be a campground. From the south west corner of the fountain there are two small trees. The roots of the tree on the right hides Night Flying under twigs and a chunk of asphalt.

We hope you enjoy Neptune Beach. It's one of our favorites! You can also find another treasure on the North side of Neptune Beach.

Remember always re-hide the boxes better than you found it and if they need maintenance please email us.