Dala Horse  LbNA # 17397

Placed DateAug 15 2005
LocationScandia, MN
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Aug 9 2014
Hike Distance?

If you're driving westbound on Hwy. 97 (Scandia Trail N) into Scandia, pull over to the side of the road when you see VALKOMMEN TILL SCANDIA. You'll be somewhere between the fire department and the gas station...hard to miss in such a small town. Anyhow, pull over to the side of the road and cross the ditch. Bring your camera along if you feel conspicuous, and take some souvenier photos. As you stand in front of the sign, admiring the bilingual text and decorative dala horse, find 30 degrees. Slip off into the trees in that direction. The letterbox is secured by a rock at the base of one of the larger trees.

- Bring your own ink and pen. I highly recommend bringing orange and green markers for this one! ;-)
- The box is too small for HHs

(This box was carved and planted by She Who Plants in 2005, adopted by ArtGekko in 2008)