A Bit of Scandinavian Humor  LbNA # 17399 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 15 2005
LocationMarine on St. Croix, MN
Found By O'green
Last Found Oct 21 2008
Hike Distance?

My mother used to take us to the little branch library in Marine on St. Croix every week when I was just a pipsqueek. There was story time in the gazebo. I used to hang over the chainlink fence and watch the waterfall. Later, I saved my money so I could buy penny candy in the General Store. My very first job was in the Marine Branch library, where a 16-year-old She Who Plants in the making shelved returned books. I love this little town.

To find the "A Bit of Scandinavian Humor" letterbox, begin in front of the Marine Branch Library. Follow your ears to the waterfall and spend a few minutes enjoying the white water. Now, proceed SE to the end of the fence. You'll find a well-trodden social trail that leads down towards the base of the waterfall. Follow it. Once you've arrived at the point that gives you the best view of the falls, and you've enjoyed the splashing water for a bit, take the path that continues east. Notice the remains of a rock wall to your right? Moss, moss, moss everywhere! Facing the rocks, follow the line of the rock with your eyes until it peters out to the left. You'll want to work your way up so that the v-shaped tree is at your back. Look directly in front of you. The box is tucked into a niche in the moss-covered stones, then camoflauged with another moss-covered stone. Tricky, eh? To make it easier on you, I've placed a marker. Spy the incongruously round river rock. The box is just below it. Take care not to damage any of that lovely moss!

- Bring your own pen and ink. I highly recommend that you bring red, brown, and black markers for this one. You'll be glad you did!
- This box is really too small for HHs.

(This box was carved and planted by She Who Plants in 2005, adopted by ArtGekko in 2008)