Robert Michael Pyle  LbNA # 17435

OwnerRubberband Man    
Placed DateJun 12 2005
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By MTMtnSkiesBigSkyGirl
Last Found Nov 1 2008
Hike Distance?

Today’s letterboxing adventure is easy to moderate and will take about 75 minutes. This one is called the “Robert Michael Pyle” letterbox which is named after the world-famous lepidopterist (butterfly expert) who was a distinguished writer-in-residence at the University of Montana this past spring. He taught an EVST writing workshop and took his writing class to an as-yet-unspecified place in Missoula to identify wildlife and plants. Every student was required to bring binoculars, an identification guide book, and a willingness to explore their surroundings. For our purposes, only the last is necessary.

The following puzzles, when solved, will provide you with Robert Michael Pyle’s destination. Once there, I’ll give you directions for the rest of the way.

Take a sheet of paper and draw two grids, one 7 x 7 and one 5 x 5. The larger of the two is for the adults, the smaller for kids. In the 7 x 7 grid, each clue leads to a 7-letter answer, written from left to right and in the same order (#1 is the top line). In the 5 x 5 grid, it’s the same format except that each clue leads to a 5-letter answer.

Adult clues for the 7 x 7 grid:
1) A number which sounds a lot like “seventeen”
2) These nuts are a “Superfood”
3) Person with pale blond hair
4) Type of sale of odds and ends
5) Prisoner
6) To comfort
7) Weightlifter’s tool

Kid clues for the 5 x 5 grid:
1) This fruit is small, round, and usually purple or green
2) A baby dog
3) Rooms usually have four of these
4) “All I want is some _____ and quiet!”
5) Between breakfast and dinner

Your destination can be read by reading diagonally from the top left square to the bottom right square of both grids.

Once you’ve got it, start at the highway and go north for several miles on Rattlesnake Drive (beware: this road takes a major zig-zag turn). When you see a road bearing the same name as the final puzzle answer, take a left and drive 1.5 miles. Continue until you have done the following: 1) driven over a bridge, 2) passed a few parking areas, 3) avoided a private drive and gotten onto a dirt road, and 4) had to stop because of a dead-end.

Park your car, and follow the main trail. You will pass several side trails along the way. If you stay on the main trail for about half a mile, you should eventually reach a cement foundation. Keep going straight until you see the bowl formation in the mountain. There you’ll see four trails. Take the one going left and up the bowl (not to be confused with the one going left and staying flat). This path wraps around the hill; don’t go up. Walk for another half mile until you see two tall nearby tree stumps, one on either side of the trail. Look behind the one on the right, and you’ll find a letterbox! Have fun!