One For the Gecko - missing  LbNA # 17451 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 16 2005
LocationSunrise, FL
Planted Bycatster    
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Apr 22 2006
Hike Distance?

Summer 2008
Box is missing. Markham Park boxes are gone also. Oh, well.

Certainly if you are in Broward County, Florida, you will stop by Markham Park. It is a VERY nice park, very large, with loads of varied and unique facilities. A great place for the family to spend a whole day.

There used to be a series of ten letterboxes there, placed by Gecko Paradise. Unfortunately, they fell victim to park renovations and hurricanes, and are no longer there. While they still existed, though, we spent a day looking for them and had a blast.

As a matter of fact, we had such a good time there we left this letterbox of our own - as a "thank you" to Gecko Paradise.

The park is large enough to show up on road maps, and you can always look it up on the internet for more information.

So, without further "ado's"
Here are our clues:

Markham Park
Personal Watercraft Recreation Area

Park by the sign.
There's some Australian pine.
And, unless it's gone,
There's a Port-o-John.
(Don't get a whiff,
It's the clues you must sniff!)
Between the fence and the road
Are some rocks, a big load.
Around the far side
Is where the gecko does hide
Go up into the pine.
(Like a small cave or mine.)
Right up into the mid,
Where the gecko is hid,
You'll find a box
Waiting in the rocks.
So shout "Hooray!"
And stamp away.

THANK YOU, Gecko Paradise, for a teriffic day out in a really nice park! We hope you like our hand-carved stamp. Gecko-green ink pad included.