A Tribute To History  LbNA # 17454

Placed DateAug 17 2005
LocationAbbeville, SC
Found By Squatchis
Last Found Apr 24 2016
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The town square in Abbeville, South Carolina is a lovely spot. There is a fountain, park benches upon which to sit, large old shade trees and a bell. Down the street from the Square is the Burt-Stark House...important because it was the location where the South gave up the fight in the War Between the States; The War of Northern Aggression; The Civil War. Abbeville is also where the decision to seceed was made. Jefferson Davis and his cabinet of the Confederate States of America spent time in Abbeville….causing it to be named the birthplace and deathbed of the Confederacy.

Other notables who lived in Abbeville include Andrew Johnson, who became President of the United States after Lincoln was assassinated. He had a little shop off the Square.

Therefore, this sleepy town in South Carolina has earned its place in history. On the Square is a monument dedicated to the Veterans of the Confederate States of America…or CSA. Study it well, and read about the history.

Face the monument, with the bell to your right and the fountain to your left. There on the monument you will find the dedication. Just through the fence, square in the middle, nestled at the base of the bush, you will find the little bottle all wrapped in camo tape.

Be careful, and rehide it when no one is watching.