Girl With a Sword  LbNA # 17463

Placed DateAug 17 2005
LocationOak Brook, IL
Planted ByKookaburra and CMoon    
Found By J.O.C.K.
Last Found Oct 7 2011
Hike Distance?

Located along the Oak Brook Park District walking paths at 1450 Forest Gate Road, off Jorie Blvd, just north of 31st street, and just east of route 83. Turn right on the drive before you get to the Recreation center and drive to the end. You'll be near the sand volley ball court.

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Almost everyone is familiar with the sport of fencing, but not everyone knows that there are three weapons, each with their own rules, techniques, and target areas. The weapons differ enough that each fencer generally develops a strong preference for one over the others. Kookaburra prefers Foil Fencing.

Third box is missing ********** 10/08

Find the paved path near the sand volleyball courts and the 2-D "Safety Town", the path has a split rail fence on either side.

Take the path and follow along for a short way. Take the right fork.
At the T intersection look along the fence line just left of the fire hydrant for a rock. BOX #1 is under the rock.

Continue on the path heading south. At the next intersection, line up the intersecting path with the tree in the triangle and the sumacs near the fence line. Under the sumacs you will find the rock that hides BOX #2.

Continue south along the path until it turns sharply left. As it turns left notice the large tree on the left side of the path. In front of it is a larg flat rock that conceals BOX #3.

To complete the loop back to your vehicle;
As you come out out of the wooded area you will see the Rec center. You can take a left and walk on the pavement on the west side of the center. Just as the pavement turns the corner there is a long dry creek (not the short one you will come across first). You can follow this back to the sand volleyball courts.

Bring your own ink, any color is fine. Theres a stamp in each box. The log book is in Box #3.

Placed by Kookaburra with help from CMoon.