Mini Golf  LbNA # 17483

Placed DateAug 18 2005
LocationGeneva-on-the-Lake, OH
Found By firefly48
Last Found Oct 14 2013
Hike Distance?

In Geneva-on-the-Lake is the oldest miniature golf course in continuous play in the United States. (the world?) It's been owned by the Allison Family since 1924. You can find the course on the strip, but the box is located in Geneva State Park, located on Route 20 in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.

Start by turning into the park and follow the paved road as it passes the maintenance center (where you can turn in and get a map, if you choose). The road turns to the right. Pass the picnic area and turn into visitor parking for the Marina.

Walk back down the parking lot road to the paved road that you just turned off of. Directly across from you is a small path into the woods, following the creek. As you amble down this path (careful of the poison ivy!), you will see big twin trees on the right overlooking the water. Keep going and find one that looks like them just off the path to the right. It's shortly before a huge tree has fallen across the path.

Go around that big tree on the right to find the Mini Golf letterbox. :)

Extra warning: When we were there planting, the poison ivy was abundant. Please be careful!

First finders, please email me for a certificate. :) And be sure to find my other two boxes in Geneva State Park, Eddie's Grill and The Firehouse.