Cameron Park Zoo #1 and #2  LbNA # 17493

Placed DateAug 18 2005
LocationWaco, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Oct 20 2010
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: 4/3/11 - I'm going to have to pull the 2nd box for updating as I've been notified it's full of water. I'll check to see if box 1 is there at the same time.

Cameron Park Zoo is a fantastic zoo in Waco, Texas. It has recently opened a new exhibit called Brazos River Country that is wonderful. It is one of our favorite places to visit and my son also volunteers there. For more information, visit

Unfortunately for me, the area around the zoo is extremely well-maintained so I could not find a decent hiding spot there. You will however, pass the entrance to the zoo on your way to find the boxes.

From I35 - take the University Parks exit and go West. Stay on University Parks as it goes through downtown. You will drive into Cameron Park (You'll see a sign.) as you're driving parallel to the Brazos River. You will see a sign that says to turn left for the Cameron Park Zoo entrance. Continue on as you pass the Pecan Bottoms spray park. You will go under a bridge, but veer right onto Sturgis and then take an immediate right onto Cameron Park Dr. Continue on driving parallel to the river. You'll pass North Pecan Bottoms. Follow the road as it starts uphill and into the woods. You will come out of the trees at a "T" where you have to go right or left. Make a hard right into Lawson's Point. There will be a green sign that says, "Welcome to Lawsons."

Park in the parking area. Go past the car gate and start along the trail. When you come even with the picnic shelter, start counting your paces. 130 paces later, you should be at the first gravel trail to the right. Take this trail. At the first left/right intersection, go right. The trail will get rockier here and start downhill. When the trail splits at a green trash can, go to the trash can and stop. Turn around and go back up the trail 9 paces. Turn right and go 6 paces. Stop, look slightly left and about 10 paces away, you should see a cedar tree with a stump at the base. Walk up even with the right side of the stump. Now look slightly right and about 7 paces away, you should see a tree. (post oak, I think) This tree has a washed out spot at its base. The box is in that spot covered by rocks and sticks.

Now you're ready to find the second box. Return to the trail and continue back the way you came. When you come to the intersection where you would turn left to return to the clearing, don't turn. Stay straight instead. The trail will once again start to get rockier and start downhill. You will come to an intersection of sorts where the trail divides into two lanes. The tree in the middle where the trail divides has a silver circle that says "Running Trail." Stand at the sign and look behind you and to the left. See that smooth dirt trail? Take it and follow it as twists around and goes downhill. It will even out and then start back uphill. At the top of the uphill grade is a cedar tree to the left with another silver circle "Running Trail" sign. From this tree, go on 7 paces and look left. The box is behind the large cedar tree at the base and covered with sticks. If you reach the "Trail Closed" signs, you've gone too far. From there, turn around and go back 29 paces.

CAUTION: Watch out for poison ivy!