The No Bull Letterbox  LbNA # 1750 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 29 2002
LocationHampton, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Come to pastoral Hampton .Ct. via rte 6 and turn onto Rte 97. This
will lead you into the village of Hampton , a idealic community of
old time New England not tarnished by 20th century to any degree.
Pass the Grange Hall , Post Office and General Store and follow the
rte to the junction of Station Rd. Bear left on Station. You will
come to the junction of the rail trail and see the station off to
the right behind trees & such. You will take the left trail near the
blue house, there is parking here. Soon upon this 1.3 mile trail you
will pass between two ponds covered in pond lilies. Then again
dipping into the woodland where the trail narrows and the raspberries
cling to your pant leg. Well that may only be if you have a team of
oxen pushing you toward them. Wish they had been ripe! We are out
here recreating our families 1772 journey from Killingly to
Mansfield ,Ct. Two teams of oxen and two boys and Mom. We travel
down the trail noting old stone walls and other remnants of farming
in a bygone era. The woodland is close. When you come to a section
of trail where the woods opens up and on the right you look far down
in to a wooded glen look here for a pile of cement and stone someone
left. The pile a little larger than a campfire hides the No Bull
letterbox. It's just past the White trail crossing on the right.
Here, we met Chuck, Molly and Chickabirdie, who helped to hide this box.
We rested oxen and weary feet and enjoyed
the good company of friends. This is the No Bull box as oxen are
castrated cattle of any breed used for draft work. We have Scooby
Doo, and Shaggy with us . The second team is Ben and Al,( Al went
home tired as he is much younger than the others ). Ben came along
the rest of the way solo. If you continue on you will arrive at 11
Section Rd. then it is another 1 1/2 miles to Goowin Forest State
park. Or you can turn back. Thanks all and good luck .