Welcome to Dillo Town  LbNA # 17512 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 19 2005
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By Team Kitty Katt
Last Found Aug 25 2005
Hike Distance?

Well, I have been doing some heavy Postal Letterboxing and working on my stamp carving, so here is my first placed letterbox with a hand carved stamp.

This is a hybrid letterbox/geocache. It is a small glass jar. In the jar are a number of trinkets and toys for trading as well as a logbook for signing.

If you are a geocacher or just feel like doing it, sign the log with your trail name and then take an item and leave an item.

In the jar is also a ziplock bag with a stamp and logbook for letterboxers. This is the log book in which you stamp in.

I took great pains to cover the jar after placing it so it was not visible to anyone walking by, so please take the time to replace the cammo.

The stamp will be most effective if you bring along Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, and Black markers and take the time to color it. However, it will do fine in a single color if you do not have the time, materials, or inclination.


Got to the Urbana Information Plaza. In case tehre is one I don't know about I will tell you that this one is within a hundred yards of both a bank and a restaraunt.

From the West corner of the plaza head straight West. You will enter a thicket in which is a single large tree. The box is secreted away in one of the forks of the tree. Please do not retrieve the box if you cannot replace it.

This should be a pretty easy one. HAVE FUN