horse thief  LbNA # 17548 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 29 2005
LocationDivide, CO
Found By claudey
Last Found Jul 4 2006
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located at the end of the trail to Horsethief Falls. The hke is not entirely easy as a 300 foot ascent occurs within the first half mile. The climb is absolutly worth it for as you enter the meadows Aspen groves wild flowers and Pikes Peak come into view.

Directions: Exit I25 on the Cimmeron/Hwy 24 exit and drive towards Woodland Park Approx 18 miles. Follow CO Hwy 67 for 6.5 miles to the town of Divide. Turn left (south) on 67 towards Cripple Creek. Just past mile marker 61 There is a parking area on the left near a closed water tunnel. The trail begins on the South (right) end of the parking area and begins to climb through an evergreen forest. Continue on the trail untill you reach a forest service trail sign. Pass to the right of the sign and follow the main trail. You will come to another sign shortly which directs you to the falls another half mile. As you near the falls you will come to a stream crossing and numerouse pine logs forming a small dam. Cross here and follow the trail to the right around several large rocks; As the falls come into view you will see three Aspen trees on the right and to the front a large rock which resembles a table with a chair to its front. From the last apen look up at a 30 dgree angle to the left. Count 30 paces (each foot counts).
Just across a meter wide ribbon of rock is a large flat rock with a pine growing on it's left hand side. The letterbox is under the right side of the rock. The good news is the trip back is all down hill.