I-94 Traffic Crawl: Minneapolis **Reported Missin  LbNA # 17549 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2005
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By kcmpls
Last Found Jun 30 2008
Hike Distance?

This box was just reported MISSING 8-23-08. I don't live in Minnesota anymore, so I am not able to check. But the descriptions from the letterboxer sounds like it is actually gone. How sad :(

This is a quick letterbox, meant to be found and stamped within 10-15 minutes so those of you traveling on I-94 can have a short break and be back on your way.

From I-94, take exit #228 and head east on Dowling Ave. Turn left onto Washington Ave. N. and continue until it curves to the left. At the curve, take Soo Ave. towards N. Miss. Reg. Park. Park in the lot, and stand facing the river. Take the paved path that is furthest to your left, bordered by two boulders and two red posts. Take 50 steps down the path, and then turn down the paved path that is to your left for 31 steps. Four steps off the path to your left are two trees that have a total of seven trunks. The letterbox is hidden under rocks behind the tree with five trunks. There are picnic tables back towards the river if you’d like to have a peaceful place to stamp in.

Please be sure to hide the box well when you are finished, and take a few steps back to make sure it can’t be seen from the path.