The Heart Scarab  LbNA # 1755 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 29 2003
LocationCarroll, OH
Found By trailtracker
Last Found Mar 26 2004
Hike Distance?

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, Franklin Co., OH
Difficulty: 2
Items Needed: Stamp Pad, Pen, Compass

HEART SCARAB: A scarab beetle reproduces by laying its eggs in a rolled-up ball of dung. When the new scarabs were born, the early Egyptians observed this and believed it was a feat of the gods. They soon associated this with rebirth after death, and the scarab became an important symbol to incorporate into the burial processes. The wingless heart scarab was usually carved into a precious stone and set into a frame sewn on top of the mummy's wrappings. Around the frame, spells from the "Book of the Dead" were painted on to help curry favor in the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From Columbus, take Route 33 East toward Lancaster. Turn right at Winchester Rd. (The traffic light at Carroll, OH). The park is approximatley three miles on your left. Park in easternmost parking area.

CLUES: Go to trail entrance just slightly SW of the Springhouse Program Area. There will be a trail map sign directly in front of you. Read the sign to find the Meadows Trail, identified by a bright yellow flower. Turn left on Meadows Trail, and continue on until another fork. Turn left again, staying on Meadows Trail. After crossing over the second bridge, the trail will start uphill. Walk past a large rotten log, a small bench next to a trashcan, then look down for a wooden rain channel cut into the path itself. From northernmost point of wooden channel, take a reading of 280 degrees. Walk approximatley 29 paces, and then take another reading on your compass. This time it's 250 degrees. Go nine paces, and you should see a small animal trail forking off into the woods. Take the right path for 20 paces, and then stop and look to your right for a few rotting branches. On the NE side of that small pile, under a pile of sticks and rotten bark, is the letterbox.

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Imothep The Discoverer