100 Acre Woods  LbNA # 17550 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Cavan Girls    
Placed DateAug 20 2005
CountySan Bernardino
LocationChino Hills, CA
Found By turtlehunters
Last Found Jan 18 2013
Hike Distance?

The 100 Acre Woods letterbox is located in a residential neighborhood’s woodsy area with a paved trail in Chino Hills, CA. The nearest freeway is the 71 freeway, exit Soquel Canyon. Go west up into the hills. Continue to the end of the road (thru 2 or 3 lights) and turn right onto Pipeline Ave. Turn at 2nd left on Woodview Ave. This is a beautiful twisty turny canyon road. Take your time. Turn at your first right onto Coronet. Turn immediately right again on Autumn Avenue and go to the end of the street. Park in the cul-de-sac at the park entrance. (You can use the closest residential address on www.mapquest.com -that address is 3568 Autumn Avenue, Chino Hills)

This trail is paved and is perfect if the kids want to bring their bikes. It might be a bit rough for skates or scooters since the trail is usually covered in leaves. It also has a picnic table and large grass area and trash can at the end if you want to bring a picnic. However, please note that there is no restroom anywhere on this trail.

**Picnic in the 100 Acre Woods with Pooh Bear**
BOX #1
Enter the trail. About 20 paces in you will see a green sign stating the regulations on your right. Keep going. You will come to a Y in the path. Take the left one. As you climb up this short steep hill, think of children riding down these paths on their bikes. This one is steep enough where it always made it a bit daring and always left you thankful at the end, that you didn’t fall! At the top, turn left. You will come to a big tree on the left that has made a big bump in the trail from the bulging root. Oh Bother! Don’t trip! Continue on your journey… You will come to a “creek water run off”. This is the first of 4 you will need to count. ONE! Go to the 2nd one. TWO! Cross over it very carefully. It has always had a slime base and therefore is very slippery. Oh Bother!
After you cross, head into the woods toward the creek. You will see 2 very big Eucalyptus trees (about 24” in diameter). Go between them. When you do, you will see 2 more slightly smaller, go between them and turn immediately right. You will see a cluster of 3 of 4 small trees on the right. Box is hidden down at the base. Be sure to cover with leaves again to camouflage the box when you are done.

**Watch out for Heffalumps**
BOX #2
Go back to the paved trail. Continue the direction you were heading. Enjoy the scenery. This is the area I grew up and played in these woods almost everyday! We rode our bikes, we built “forts” in the trees (no BOYS allowed!), caught tadpoles, frogs and lizards, made bike trails in the dirt complete with jumps, jumped off fallen logs, made rope swings to swing across the creek(that mom didn’t know about!), fell off our bikes and got hurt, and had walked hand in hand with first loves (whoo hoo!)! Now my kids get to play here everyday since Grandma watches them while mom works. They love to gather sticks, feathers, leaves of fascinating colors, eats wild figs and grapes and talk to the barking dogs and the Heffalumps! (They are hiding in there somewhere…) It is truly wonderful! Cross over the 3rd run off. THREE! Come to the 4th one. FOUR! As you are about to step onto it, turn to the right. On that hill you will see 4 big trees. Go to the one closet to you. At the back side at the base, the box is hidden in an alcove. Be sure to cover with foliage again to hide away from passing people.

At this point continue on if you want to have a picnic. (Did you bring some honey for Pooh Bear?) If you are not going to have a picnic you can head back. You can go the other direction on the trail and see more if you want. Enjoy!
Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood
Where Christopher Robin plays
You'll find the enchanted neighbourhood
of Christopher's childhood days