Feral Cat Letterbox  LbNA # 17556 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2005
LocationBoulder, CO
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Feral Cat Letterbox

This letterbox is located at the summit of Green Mountain. I thought about giving complicated clues for locating this box, but the suffering induced by the hike is enough. For a map of the hiking trails that lead to Green Mountain, follow the link below.


Difficulty: hard. I reached the summit by starting at NCAR and hiking Mesa Trail, Bear Canyon, and Green Bear. I then returned by taking the trails that lead around the north side of the Mountain. My total hike was roughly 10 miles, full circle this took me about 6 hours. There are closer places to park than NCAR, so you might think about using those. No matter what trail you use to get to the summit they are often steep and uneven.

Once you reach the summit you will find 3 collections of boulders. The first is the actual peak; it has an elevation marker and a logbook in the pipe under the marker placed by a local hiking club. If it has space available please mark their book as well (it was full the day of my hike). From the elevation marker you can get a good look at the Rockies west of Boulder. The second collection of boulders is just a few feet east of the first. Looking east from these you get a good view of Boulder and the surrounding area. From here face south and you will see the third collection of boulders. Notice how they mimic the next mountain peak south of Green Mountain. Go to the two boulders on the front right side of the pile. If you cross over those you will find that there is a little crevice on the rear side (roughly on the southwest side of these stones). There you should find a few rocks covering the letterbox.

Please remember to carefully re-hide the letterbox once you have stamped it. It does not contain a pen or inkpad, so you will have to bring your own. This is a rather difficult hike, but worth it for the view.

Note (especially for non-locals): Boulder’s elevation is around 5500ft, Green Mountain is around 8200ft. If you come from a region with a low elevation please consider giving yourself a few weeks to acclimate to the thinner air, you will become exhausted easily. Colorado also has a very dry and sunny climate. I suggest bringing plenty of water, sunglasses, hat, and possibly a snack for this hike; you will most likely need them. One final note, Green Mountain is in a fairly large wilderness area so you may want to find information on what to do if you see a cougar or bear. I have never seen one, nor have my friends but there is always the possibility.