Hasta la vista  LbNA # 17557

Placed DateAug 20 2005
LocationChanhassen, MN
Found By a silk hill spy
Last Found Oct 5 2011
Hike Distance?

[The logbook was reported full June 2011. Choi]

The University of Arboretum (about 15 minutes west of highway 494 on highway 5 through Eden Prairie and Chanhassen) is a lovely place to spend an afternoon walking through beautiful gardens, hiking, and walking/biking or driving the 3 mile loop.

If necessary, obtain a map in the main building.

Clues to find the letterbox:

From the main road, enter and walk through the garden inspired by the land of the rising sun. Walk past the waterfall pond and wooden structure.

Walk through the gate into the next garden.

Hint: You "hasta" be enjoying the serene gardens!

On your left, you will see a stone wall.

Following the path, count 33 of the top stones.

Turn around and count 23 back.

Clue: "Surely" you need to sit down,take a rest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

As you are seated, locate the green metal sprinkler control box.

Walk over to it.

Standing by the box with your back to the path, look for the biggest tree in front of you. Part of it recently fell over (june 2006)!

Walk over to that tree.

Standing near the big tree with your back to the path behind you, look for another large tree with a red tag on it. This tree is further away from the path and on the right side of the first tree.

Look for a hiding spot in the red-tag tree.

Happy hunting from the Snow Bug families!