Watson Falls Fox  LbNA # 17581

Placed DateJul 14 2005
LocationWatson Falls, Toketee Falls, OR
Found By Merlandese
Last Found Sep 7 2014
Hike Distance?

Note: On May 31, 2009 we received the following note.

"Small tree has fallen in front of the cracked boulder. Container & baggies appearred to sealled but container was full of water. All contents damp, wet or waterlogged. Logbook damp with metal rusting. Fabric wrapping for stamp wet and molding. Wooden backing on stamp waterlogged and at risk to warp. Actual carving still in good shape. I dried the container as best I could. Sorry I don't have better news."

Now this is pretty much of an orphan letterbox as we live in California. It needs help!

RV and Trailer turn around
Potties and Ok for dogs on leashes

It seems as though we can find alternate ways to view a scenic spot and this is no exception. If you are looking for a driveby then you can go directly to the box, and still view the waterfall from a distance. Just off Highway 138, 18 miles west of Diamond Lake and 61 miles east of Roseburg find the turnoff for Watson Falls. Park in the lot on the right hand side as soon as you enter. Walk down a small overgrown path that is on the opposite side of the parking lot from the regular path toward the falls. After a very short distance stop at a picnic bench and locate a large moss covered cracked boulder at 240 degrees from the picnic bench 10 steps away. The letterbox is hidden at the base of the crack nearest the bench and is covered with bark and rocks.

For a closer view of the falls go to the trail head for a ½ mile hike up the path. California Bear has some other letterboxes in the area that are along this highway, so make sure you have the clues for those letterboxes as well.

When researching our clues please be aware that when previous searchers list “ATTEMPTED” on the clue sheets it may reflect more on their abilities as finders than indicate whether the box is viable or not. We do monitor our clues and boxes pretty well and appreciate the notes written to us by those that find or attempt our letterboxes.

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