Yahoo! Kernville  LbNA # 17582

Placed DateJul 19 2005
LocationKernville, OR
Last Found Aug 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Note: 5/5/2009 the box needs some drying out.

After letterboxing for a few years we realize there are many reasons to plant a letterbox. A really neat location, beautiful scenery, unusual surrounding and sometimes the length of the hike can be the impetuous. In this case we had this stamp Don carved that was a little different and didn’t seem to fit anything in particular, but since we live in Kernville, Ca. and came into Kernville, Oregon, the location and the stamp just seemed to fit each other. We spent 4 very nice days here along the cool coast relishing the 70-degree weather while our little hometown was cooking at 108 degrees. After stamping in you can continue to highway 229, drive a 1/8 of a mile east to the Kernville Steak and Seafood House and enjoy lunch or dinner, but make sure you enjoy the climate.
Heading north on Highway 101 just past Gleneden Beach turn right on the first road (unmarked) after Immonen Rd. This road will be directly across the highway (101) from Keys Place, and just before you come to the highway sign that reads” 229 South, Siletz River, Kernville, JCT ˝ mile”. Park on this road near 101 where it is safe and walk to the highway sign. At the base of the east support post look for the letterbox covered in silver duct tape. Be careful of the traffic entering or exiting this road as it is on a curved section of highway and sometimes the traffic goes to fast. Don’t forget to watch for wildlife, as this is part of the Siletz National Wildlife Preserve. While dinning at the restaurant we had great views of a nesting Osprey, Otters, Heron, and Mergansers.

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